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About the project

The creators of the service realized how hard it is to decide on clothes you should wear and the accessories that suit them. The service helps the users get advice and expertise from fashion enthusiasts and fashion lovers altogether. Due to the service users can create their own looks as well as get inspired by the looks of other users. At the same time, users can do shopping using the service.

Key features

  • Choose and buy multiple outfit due to the service's integration with various suppliers.
  • Make inspiring sets of looks and collections using the staff available on the service as well as upload their own images.
  • Create your own shop and save there the looks and clothes you liked.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was Balsamiq.


Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

The user can register into the system through their Facebook, Instagram or e-mail account. 

In order to find the item the user needs, they can choose from the menu, depending on kind of product they wan to buy: clothes for men or women. For a more comfortable shopping the user can use extended filters: type of clothing and price range.

Clicking on the item the user will see the detailed description of the item, the sizes available and bellow the list of similar products. If the user wants to buy the item, they should press "Buy" and they'll be directed to the shop where this item is sold. The user can also add the item they liked to their own shop, look, collection or inspiration.

Clicking on the menu "Discover shops" the user is able to see the shops and collections created by other users. 

Clicking on the shop they liked, the user can see detailed information about the shop and the items that they have there. If the user likes the shop they can press "Follow" thus they'll be automatically informed about the changes of the item ranges in this shop.

The user also has an opportunity to create their own Look, Collection, Shop and Inspiration. In order to created all these things, the user should click on the icon on the front page and choose what exactly thing they want to create.

For instance, in order to create a Look, the user should click on icon "Look". Then the user can either upload the photos from their desktop or Instagram account or choose from the items in the service. The user can also customize the Look, adding preferable background or frame. While creating the Look, the user should, as well, give it a title, add several tags, point out the gender for which the look has been created. Also, if they can make the Look visible in their shop and add it to their collection.

The process of creating a Collection is similar to that of creating a Look: click on "Collection", upload the desirable pictures from the computer or choose item from those that are in the system. 

In the Inspiration menu, the user can upload the pieces of clothes they liked and find similar products in the shops of the service using search filters: colour, type of the item and so on.

In order to create the shop, the user should click on the button "Shop" and submit all necessary data about their shop: it's title, shop's tags, choose the background of the shop and the main photo. After that the user can add the picture to the shop by dragging an image from the list to the left side of the screen. Other users can also comment on the items in the shop as well as put "like" on it and share in social networks.

Clicking on the menu "Notifications" the user can see the detailed statistics of their shop.

We used Ruby on Rails for back-end and Angular.js for front-end to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails



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