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About the project

Being the design and tech-conscious new-parents themselves the creators of the service realized that if you visit any web-site aimed for parents, you will come across either on-line stores with baby goods or some service with practical tips. But Ben Wynne-Simmons, Shane Feng and Lisa Williams - co-founders of Tantrum.xyz - wanted to create something new, something that would useful, informative and fun at the same time.

Key features

  • Editors publish various insights and reviews about children and parenting in general.
  • Parents can create amazing milestone cards that can be downloaded and shared on social networks.
  • ​​​​​​​ Parents can choose exciting clothing sets and other goods for their kids due to the service's integration with multiple suppliers.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

To become a member of Tantrum.xyz community parents should sign up to the service through an e-mail address. Having signed up, parents should submit their name, post code, country and kid's birthday date.

Parents can read the blog where articles related to parent topics are published.

Parents can also learn about upcoming events that are going to be organized by the Tantrum team.

Tantrum.xyz provides parents with social engagements. Due to the service the users have an ability to create milestone cards uploading photos of their kids and experimenting various templates.

After the card has been created, parents can download it as well as share on social networks.

Parents can start doing shopping choosing on of the shop categories that they will see clicking on menu "Shop"

To make the search quicker and more targeted, parents can take an advantage of search filters, indicating the type of the item, its brand, price scope, etc.

In order to buy an item parents should click on the button "Buy".

To accomplish the purchase parents should enter their personal data and choose the type of delivery. A distinguishing feature of the service is that it has an integration with Universal Shopping Basket - the system that allows users to buy goods from different shops remaining on one web-site without the necessity to register on every shop they want to use for their purchase.

We used Ruby on Rails and React.js to develop this service.


Ruby on Rails
Digital Ocean


Universal Basket

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