Never pay for childcare again

About the project

Parenteam is the vision of CEO and co-founder, Morgan LaPeter, a single mom who was struggling with skyrocketing childcare costs and searching for a solution like Parenteam. When she realized the concept didn't exist, she decided to create it for the benefit of all parents struggling with the mounting costs of quality childcare.

Key features

  • Post childcare requests and getĀ free childcare (spend points).
  • Respond to friends' requests and babysit their children (earn points).
  • Parenteam uses a points system to keep things fair between users.
  • No cash is ever exchanged between users and Parenteam is free to use.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was Mockingbird.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

Once you’ve signed up you start creating your account, entering information about yourself, including your personal data, contact information, location (which is verified through Google Maps), etc.

In order to find affiliated friends, the user needs to fill in the information about their meetup groups, employers, schools their children attend, etc.

The user is also able to start searching for the people they might know and add them to the friend's list.

You can submit the request, choosing the start and the end date and time, pointing out a number of children, location etc.

Once the user gets an offer, they will see a notification in the dashboard.

The user can see a detailed information about the offer and accept it.

The user can see the list of requests as well as the number of points they will get for providing childcare.

In order to send an offer, the user should fill in an "offer help" form.

Once the user's offer has been accepted, its status will change to "confirmed".

We used Ruby on Rails for back-end and Angular.js for front-end to develop the service.



Ruby on Rails
Elastic Search


Google Maps

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