A mobile learning app and platform for employees, students or soldiers

About the project

The CEO of the service Patrick Kedziora believes that the learning process should be simple, interesting and overwhelming. Having studied the market he realized that the service which could provide companies with an ability to teach a big amount of their workers at once did not exist. So, he came up with an idea of creating an application that will enable companies to create tutorials for their worker.

Key features

  • Upload necessary materials and download them even without the Internet access.
  • Store lessons in one easily accessible place.
  • Track the learning results of the whole team.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

In order to start working with the application you need to sign up and log in. After that you should create your learning group, submitting your e-mail address and the name of your team.

You should also enter a unique URL address of your group. Using this URL your team members will be able to get an easy access to their learning group.

Having done the previous steps you may invite your team members to the learning group you created. For this you should press "Invite members" on the menu and enter the workers' e-mails.

After your team members accepted your invitations, you can manage their roles in the group they belong to.

In order to create a lesson, you should  click on menu "Create lesson" and add its title and the description as well as select the category it belongs to.

On the next step you can add the content of the lesson. You can upload images, videos, add youtube links as well as a text of your lesson, etc.

You can also add quiz to your lesson to check how well the learners understood the lesson.

After your lesson has been created you can share it within the member of one of the groups created by you.

Clicking on the menu "Library"  the users are also able to see all the lessons from different categories that are in their group.

Clicking on the menu "Reports" you can track the learning results of each member of the team.

We used Ruby on Rails and Angular.js to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails
Digital Ocean



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