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About the project

The advantage of the service is that it enables both a job-seeker and an employer to find each other in a few clicks. Moreover, the user will be notified either about acceptance of their application or receiving any new offers.

Key features

  • Search of a job-seeker or an employer just in a few clicks.
  • Make your search as targeted as possible.
  • Keep up-to-date with a number of people viewed your offer.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was Mockingbird.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

The user registration could be alternatively done through the social networks or with the help of e-mail address.

After you've signed up you should choose your role: whether you are an employer or a job-seeker.

Having signed up the employer creates their profile.

Next, you create the job vacancy.

Once the job-seeker applied to your job announcement, you get the notification. Additionally, you can see the number of people viewed your offer.

If the applicant meets your requirements, you can send them a message.

As a job-seeker you should submit your personal data and upload your CV.

You may start search using various search filters.

Clicking on the chosen variant you are able to see the detailed description of the position as well as its location on the map and apply to the position.

In order to check the jobs that you have already applied to or saved in your draft, you should click on the dashboard.

We used Ruby on Rails and Angular.js to develop this service. Additionally, we handled integration with Google Maps API that compliments the contact information.


Ruby on Rails
Elastic Search
Digital Ocean


Google Maps

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