Realtime Rankings for Instagram

About the project

The amount of Instagram users has increased, and the users can get lost while looking for the profiles they may be interested in. For that reason, Hyo Jing Cho, the founder of HYPEBOARD, came up with the idea of developing a platform that would allow users to find out a realtime ranking of their favourite Instagram profile with detailed statistics and discover new Instagram profiles based on their categories, like Actors, Musicians, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.

Key features

  • Connect your Instagram profile and get free detailed statistics of your connected Instagram profile (Daily, Weekly and Monthly analysis).
  • HYPEBOARD’s ranking algorithm provides dynamic ranking ranking lists by capturing the most interactive Instagram profiles.
  • Suggest your favourite Instagram profiles and categories to be added on ranking list.

Case study

The user’s workflow can be described in the following way:

The user signs up to the application through his Instagram account.

Having signed up to the app, the use can either choose form the given categories or suggest his own category.

Having chosen the category, the user will see the number of the suggested users from the same category.

Clicking on a particular profile, the user can see this profile’s statistics as well as follow the user.

On his own profile the user can see the statistics of his own profile of the category he’s chosen. 

Mobile App was build with React Native and interacts with AWS platform as backend service.


React Native



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