Easy tracking of your web-site performance

About the project

For those SEO specialists who are in charge of many web-sites, it will be necessary to log in to the services mentioned above and redo the same operations and this process can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore, the creators of decided to automate this process by collecting the data in one place. So, it helps digital professionals avoid hassles in their work and make timely decisions.

Key features

  • Retrieves metrics data from MOZ, Alexa, Semrush and shows it in one place.
  • Provides the users with the ability to compare the domains by the metrics data.
  • Enables to narrow the search down to a certain country for each analytic source.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was Balsamiq.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

To add the domain into the system, the user should submit the domain address on the dashboard and select the countries in which he wants to check the domain for each analytic source.

On the dashboard the user can see all domain addresses that they have chosen for tracking. Clicking on a button "Compare domains" the user is able to rank the domains by the metrics data.

Clicking on a domain name the user views its detailed metrics. Next, he/she sets a regularity and time period to show results.

Users can filter any sources they want to see in results.

We used Ruby on Rails to develop back-end and HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the front-end.


Ruby on Rails



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