An online platform to find specialists for solving domestic tasks

About the project is an online service that was created to help to find the specialists for solving domestic tasks, like cleaning, furniture assembling, event helping and so on. The platform unites the Askers that need a certain kind of job to be done and the DJobers - skilled professionals that are looking for an extra job.

Key features

  • Create the job you need to be done within few seconds.
  • Choose among the jobs that suit you the best and easily apply for them.
  • Use a credible system and be sure that your task will be performed at the highest level and that you'll get your money for the job done.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was UXPin.


Case study

There are 2 types of users in the system: Asker (the person who creates the job) and DJober (the professional who is willing to find a job). Having registered into the system, one user can have both roles just switching between them in the menu. 

Let's consider the Asker's workflow. In order to create the task, Asker should click on the button "Create a new task" and fill in the job details: description, choose the category, address, date and the time when the task needs to be done, as well as the sum that the Asker is willing to pay. 

Once the task has been created, the Asker can edit it or start searching for the DJober.

After the Asker has found a suitable DJober, he can invite him for a job.

When the DJober confirms the proposal, the Asker gets the notification.

In order to complete the deal, the Asker should go to messages and click the button "Handshake". And connect his bank card for the payment.

Once the job is done, the Asker can either mark the task as completed if he's satisfied with the job or complain and open the dispute.

The DJober's workflow is similar to that of the Asker. In order to find a suitable job, the DJober should choose the category of a job he is interested in and apply to it. Also, for being paid for the job, DJober should connect his account to Stripe. 

We used Ruby on Rails and React.js to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails
Elastic Search
Digital Ocean



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