An online portal for setting up appointments with physicians of your choice

About the project

ClaimDocs was launched by John Leonard, David Porter, and Moss Schermerhorn. They claim that their technology platform fundamentally changes how insurance carriers procure Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) for verifying and investigating medical claims. It lets you choose your own network of providers and IME vendors, standardizes how you exchange information and documents with these parties, and leverages technology (instead of people) to drive efficiency, transparency, and massive cost savings.

Key features

  • The client of an insurance company had an accident that falls under their insurance contract.
  • He addresses to the provider if it's possible to get paid for the case.
  • Once the insurance company verifies the case, it starts searching for an IME using ClaimDocs.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

The authentication to the site is carried out through the user's e-mail address.

Creating their own profile, the user should submit their personal data, contact information, billing contact.

Using the search filters, the user can start the search of the IME.

After having found an appropriate IME, the user can make an application, filling in the request form.

Meanwhile, the user can also print out your request form in PDF format.

From the admin side, the user is able to edit or delete the adjusters', companies’ profiles and specialty list.

The client's company addressed us to revamp their existing website bringing new features to life.
We used Ruby on Rails and Angular.js to develop this service. Additionally, we handled integration with Google Maps API to display the information about the nearest available IMEs. 


Ruby on Rails
Digital Ocean



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