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About the project is a side-project for Brocoders which is being developed in a close partnership with Eugene Ursalov, Ukrainian entrepreneur and his team. The project aims to improve the situation of hiring human resources as well as contribute to more practical learning at higher educational institutions in Ukraine. helps students and individual experts to walk through the exciting journey of solving a business case in order to gain knowledge or land a job at a well-known company. As stated on their Facebook page, Casers serves the community of professionals, who use cases in their practice. With this being said, it is the main case web-platform in Ukraine. It unites the ministry of education, businesses, educational institutions, and young professionals and leads to a productive partnership among them. What are cases? These are business tasks to solve a problem suggested by a company from one side, and the solutions sent by students or experts in the area. Cases are proposed to be resolved on the basis of competition. Each participant has an opportunity to be heard and conduct a presentation in front of the audience.

Key features

  • Companies can create challenging tasks in a format of cases or championships and invite community members to join the competitions.
  • Candidates can find and join new cases, solve them individually or in groups and obtain practical experience while resolving the case.
  • Case providers can release a certificate to participants and ensure money rewards or placement at a company if it was successfully completed.
  • Universities can join the network and apply the case studies into higher education. The platform promotes them widely and encourages other universities to get closer to the practicing professionals.

Case study

We want to share all the important steps of the journey with you so that you will get an overall idea of how the works. Let's use a common notion 'candidates' when talking about students and individual experts. 
Firstly, a company creates a business case related to marketing, management, finance, etc. on the website and the solution requirements they seek from the candidates. 
When the candidates visit the website they can view a list of all relevant cases grouped by specialty and business sector. 
Clicking, for instance, on the list item 'Mars Marketing Challange', a candidate opens a web page containing information about the case. Basically, it looks like a fully functional user environment for the company to run their campaign successfully. 
The case page includes information about mentors, requirements enclosed to the attachments, case news, upcoming events for participants, message board, benefits for participants.
Due to the enriched functionality, provides companies and candidates with timely information, all the process happens transparently and smoothly for both user roles - candidates and companies. 

To sum it up, candidates are able to do the following after they sign up on
- search the case studies by business sector and areas of study;
- learn more details about the case;
- study the case requirements after downloading (pdf);
- get timely notifications on the contest news;
- look through the list of participants and join other teams if liked;
- get the latest updates on the competition results and stay updated with the upcoming activities.
As mentioned above, enables candidates to create their own team or join the existing one. This means that Casers encourages participants to collaborate with each other and get more benefits while working on the project together. 
The latest initiative that is being tested on the platform is Championships. This feature allows to create more than one case in the same area of study and engage a bigger number of candidates to join the competition. 
Universities are also encouraged to use the case methodology in their practice. Those professors and university teachers, who applied Casers approach in their courses, are announced on the website and open to contact by experts from the related industry. In such a way, companies and universities are able to have a wider dialogue and achieve an integrated learning experience for case participants.

The project involves 6 461 users by date, among them, 83 companies and 48 universities. 


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