Does Your Company Need Marketing Automation Tool

Why marketing automation is right for your business
Mon Apr 16 2018

Being a marketer at any company, you face with lots of tasks that need to be done: email marketing, creating landing pages, monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, lead generation, social media, search optimization, etc. If it sounds familiar to you, you should start thinking about choosing a marketing automation tool.

But first of all, we need to find out what marketing automation is. Marketing automation is software for marketers and marketing departments to manage their marketing channels and automate and schedule the tasks that need to be constantly done.

Marketing automation platforms work with email marketing as well as data collection, content management, campaigns development and reporting. The goal of any marketing campaign is to provide marketers with an ability to give sales department qualitative leads thus increase sales and bring more profit to the company.

It is estimated that 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation, and more than 55% of B2B companies are adopting the technology. More to this, 91% of the marketers say that marketing automation is very effective for the overall success of their marketing across channels.   

In case if you’re still not sure whether your marketing automation tool is required for you or not, look at the points below. If you answer “yes” to the most of the questions, you should consider choosing an automation tool.

1. Does your company have a long and complicated sales cycle?

If the sales cycle in your company is long, you should get in touch with your prospects lots of time, before they get to the bottom of the funnel. This can be done via email marketing, marketing campaigns, landing pages, etc. And having marketing automation tool, you’ll be able to do all this in one place within an hour.

2. Do you spend lots of time on creating/managing your marketing campaigns?

Have you ever counted how much time you spend on doing the job that can be easily automated? For instance, it’s been counted that when using automation for your social media posts and ads, you’ll save about 6 hours per a week! What’s more, by simply automating your outreach by follow-up emails, you can increase the reply rate by 250%. Sounds promising, right?

3.  You don’t know which marketing campaign has the highest ROI.

No doubt that you have to launch a big deal of campaigns. But, to find out what campaign brings the best results is still a complicated process and takes a lot of your working time. However, using a marketing automation software, you’ll be able to see the results of all your campaigns in one dashboard, analyze them and see what strategy brings the best result. Besides, there won’t be any needs to collect all the data manually to the spreadsheets. Instead of this, all the statistics will be kept in one dashboard, and you’ll be able to check it as well as give to your boss and clients any time.

4. Do you have lots of good content but don’t know what to do with it?

Regardless of what they say, even in 2018 content is still the king. However, just to write a good piece of content, publish it on your blog and wait for the customer come to you doesn’t work. You should know to whom exactly what kind of content to send them. For instance, when your lead downloads, let’s say, a PDF about an Offline Marketing, the next piece of content that you should send them need to be connected to this topic. In other words, the more personalized your content is, the better results you’ll get in the future.

5. You’re using a great number of tools.

There is no doubt that for being more productive, you have to use a lot of tools to somehow automate your work process: one tool for your email marketing campaigns, another tool for creating and managing your marketing campaigns, the third tool for collecting marketing campaigns reports, etc. Even though the goal of all these tools is to make marketers’ life easier, it’s complicated to switch between the accounts in various tools to track all the information. However, a marketing automation tool could solve this problem as it allows to do all the functions listed above using only one dashboard. Like, for instance, in one of the systems that we’ve developed for marketers, and, especially, for SEO specialists:

Of course, choosing a new system that can change not only the work of a whole department but the whole company is a very responsible step. It will require time money investments, but you’ll be able to see positive results within only a few weeks.

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