2018 Year in Review

Our year to remember
Fri Dec 21 2018

2018 happened to be a fabulous year for Brocoders - full of achieving new heights, delivering results and welcoming new people on board. Here are a few highlights we are most proud of.

Meeting our clients onsite to plan and co-create

We are privileged to work with people from all over the world. Our clients’ geography spans across continents and timezones. No surprise, we try to be flexible and adjust to them for daily calls, however, nothing can compare to physical meetings. This is why we always welcome our customers in Sumy or travel to visit them abroad to plan the most important milestones and deliverables or attend projects’ launch. 

This year we welcomed Mugur and his team from the Netherlands, Fahim, Alexander, Nic and Chris from the US, Arik and Emil from Israel, Hyo from South Korea and visited the Netherlands twice ourselves.

Hyo visits Brocoders

Finally, Hyo came to us

Brocoders team in Netherlands

Our guys visit Mugur in the Netherlands

Meeting Arik Fishbein, VP of R&D at Dokka A.I.

Those visits proved to be the best way to achieve a trustworthy and long-term collaboration.

Learning more and spreading knowledge

This year the members of Brocoders team attended in total 6 conferences across Ukraine to learn more about the newest development practices (OdessaJS and KharkivJS), top UX/UI design trends (Krupa), get better at managing our projects (PM Day) and find out what’s the future of IT outsourcing in Ukraine (ITEM, KIOF). Moreover, we were active in continuing to support the IT Community in Sumy by co-organizing annual Up2IT conference that gathered more than 300 delegates this year (by the way, 3 of our members were speakers that day), participating in IT career fairs and various other local events.

Our team visits Up2IT conference on November, 3

Our Blockchain developer Vitalii was a speaker at Up2IT


Besides, we have hosted Sumy Startup Talks where our clients Nic and Chris shared their experience creating and launching an AgroTech project in the US market.

Chris and Nick on Sumy Startup Talks

Chris and Nic on Sumy Startup Talks

Another series of events we’ve done was One day in the life of a Project Manager where specialists from all over Ukraine shared their stories, cases and funny incidents that happened in their work. The 4 meet-ups were a success and welcomed around 200 people in total.

More than 200 people visited PM events

Odessa JS

Our clients’ success

If we can distinguish one thing in our way of working with clients that we are particularly proud of, it would be our team’s mentality of being a partner before a service provider. It means going hand in hand with our client and helping to make the product better, contribute to fulfilling its vision and take part in a project’s important milestones. This is why we have launched several successful Blockchain projects in 2018 which was a new technology for us.

One of our projects is currently using AI, Machine Learning & Visual Recognition and is gaining recognition from several companies in their home country followed by a very successful launch in the UK this year.

Another project we are working on, an on-demand motorbike hailing service Gokada, was nominated a Business Idea of the Year by Nigerian media Business Day and was present at the TechCrunch event in December.

Gokada drivers

We’re also extremely proud of the Ukrainian startup Casers.org - an online platform that unites corporate and public sectors with higher educational institutions and allows students to solve real business cases. This year Casers reached 10,000 users and collaborated with such big companies as Deloitte, KPMG, Mars, Unilever, L’Oreal, National Bank of Ukraine, Credit Agricole, New Balance, Teach for Ukraine, P&G, Concorde Capital, TA Ventures and other top international and Ukrainian companies and organizations that published their case studies on the platform. Earlier this year, Casers became a finalist in a Popcorn Accelerator organized by Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group and Radar Tech and earned a possibility to implement a product with a Ukrainian bank Ukrsibbank. Moreover, Casers team managed to receive support from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education to implement case studies in the curriculums and gained credibility among many universities across Ukraine.

Team expansion

The only evidence of life is growth, that’s why we could not be happier to see our team growing. We are ending 2018 as a team of 59 bright individuals and are always willing to see more people joining. To make sure everyone has a place, we have opened a second office in Sumy.

New office grand opening

New office grand opening

You can also subscribe to our Instagram to see scenes from our daily life, events, and atmosphere.

2018 was definitely a great year for us and we are thrilled to see what 2019 has to offer! 

But for now, we wish you all happy holidays, many cheerful moments among your family and friends, and may the upcoming year bring you lots of joy, success, and happiness!

We hope you stay with us for the next year :)

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