It's Been a Great Year 2017 at Brocoders!

Our events to remember
Thu Dec 14 2017

New Year is the time to sum up what you’ve achieved this year as well as make plans for the next one. This year has brought a lot of unforgettable moments to Brocoders. And we’d like to share them with you in this blog post!


Supporting IT Community in Sumy

Firstly, we’d like to say that we’ve grown much bigger! Now, Brocoders family has 40 top specialists! And it’s not the limit! We continue growing and will always be happy to see “fresh and talented blood” in our family! Want to join? Drop us a line!

One of the events of the passing year that we are particularly proud of is opening of IT Management School. We love to share our knowledge and experience with the others. It was the first project of such type in our city, and we’re proud of the results. Among more than 70 applications, and after a 2-round interview, we chose 30 candidates. During the 35-hours course our project managers had been giving the students theoretical and practical materials on peculiarities of manager’s work in IT sphere, the procedure of managing the development process and the dev team, the process of communication with the clients, etc. 6 students finished the course and passed the final task. We’re glad to say that some of our students became our workers, and some of them went to work into other IT companies as well!

Our CEO Rodion Salnik giving lectures on the IT Management School


The best way to meet new people, learn about the latest trends and get charged with positive emotions and new ideas is to visit the conferences. However, it’s even better when you not only listen to the speakers but take the role of a speaker yourself. Our top 3 specialists took part in Up2IT conference that was held in Sumy. The event brought together the IT specialists not only from our city but also from the other Ukrainian cities. We really hope that the conference will continue growing and will become an annual event.


Brocoders team on Up2IT Conference


Our clients' success

We want to be sure that we are doing everything possible to develop the clients’ projects in the best way. And we’re happy when they’re pleased with our work. However, it’s even better feeling when the projects get successful in their industry and are praised by the Tech community.

For instance, one of the projects that we’re currently working on has been featured as Business Cloud 101 Rising Start of UK Tech list and raised investments from Mercia Fund Management.

One more our project raised $6.5 million in Funding this year. They are planning to use the funds for building additional products and features.

The project named - an m-learning platform has become one of the 70 projects that won French Tech Ticket and raised the investments for the further development. We’re still working with Kedzoh, and there is no doubt that the project will show even better results next year.

We’re also extremely proud of the Ukrainian startup - an online platform that unites business, public administration, and education. Earlier this year Casers won EGAP Challenge competition, and in November Casers was exhibiting on WebSummit 2017 in Alpha startups area. In a very short period of time, Caseres collaborated with such big companies as Nestle, Deloitte, Credit Agricole, etc. We continue working with Casere and are sure that it will grow even bigger next year.

Our CEO Rodio Salnik with the CEO of Evgeniy Ursalov


We are glad to say that one of the projects that we’re working on - the service for optimizing work in agricultural sphere has signed the partnership with large local and foreign agricultural companies. The service keeps on growing and recently has announced the incorporation of Machine Learning technologies in their app.

It’s always pleasant to know that our projects take part and win the first places in the conferences, exhibitions, etc. For example, the service for rental operations that we’ve recently developed got positive feedback on NOAH 2017 Conference in London and Slush conference 2017.


Meetings with the clients

We are proud to be able to work with the people from all over the world. An effective communication with our clients is a must for us. However, it’s much better when the clients come to us personally. And we were happy to say that this year we had a lot of face-to-face meetings with our clients, both in Ukraine and in other foreign countries. The countries the clients came from vary greatly: Greg and Louis - Switzerland (by the way, Greg even visited us twice this year. First time in Kiev and the second - with his partner Louis in Sumy); Patrick - France (one of our co-founder spent with Patrick 3 months in Nice, where they were both working on Kedzoh further development strategy); Rodi - USA (because of a tough schedule, Rodi came to Sumy only for a day, but it was a great day!); Alexey - USA (meeting in Kiev) and Jed - USA (meeting in Kiev), Nick and Chris - USA (meeting in Poland).

Meetings with our clients Patrick, Greg and Rodi


No doubt that such meetings are beneficial for the project. We hope that next year this practice will become a tradition.


Web Summit 2017

Probably, one of the most memorable events of the year is that our team visited Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon! It’s a great opportunity to meet the people from all over the world and get inspiration for the whole next year. We’ve already started thinking about going to Web Summit 2018 :) Meanwhile, to find more about how it was and what we’ve learned there, read the article Web Summit Startups Do’s and Don’ts.

Brocoders team on Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon



Changes are not only inevitable but also necessary. We’re proud to say that this year we’ve changed the logo, colours, and the style. We’ll keep on changing, and next year you can expect to see an updated website and a little bit more!

Meet new Brocoders!

That was a great year! Thanks for being with us! We want to congratulate everybody on coming Christmas holidays and wish you all luck, prosperity, and happiness! Brocoders team with love! :)

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