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Wed Mar 28 2018

Information technologies is one of the most dynamic and fast-developing spheres. What was extremely popular last year, maybe completely out-dated today. For that reason, a good developer and anyone who is interested in IT needs to be aware of the latest trends.

So, today we prepared a list of the most popular trends that will be popular in 2018.   

Progressive Web Apps

It’s not a secret that nowadays more and more people turn to the mobile devices. And as they say: where is a demand, there is a supply. However, not everybody is ready to spend about 10K for developing a mobile app just to test if the idea works or not. Luckily, in 2015 the world was introduced to Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

A progressive web app is a website that looks like and behaves in the same way as a mobile app. In other words, it can be added to the main screen of your smartphone, send push notifications and work offline. As the most of the data is stored in the cache, the app loads instantly.

PWAs have become a real trend, and even some of the biggest companies are using it. For example, French luxury beauty brand Lancôme has launched Lancôme PWA which helped them to increase mobile session on Lancome’s site by 53%.

The Washington Post that has nearly 55% of their traffic from that mobile devices turned to PWA as well. The Post PWA platform allows to publish over 1,000 articles a day with an average load time of 400 milliseconds, that means 88% performance improvement.

Single page website

Another trend that tends to simplify web-development is a single page website. It allows putting all your content into a long scrollable page. It has a great number of advantages. They don’t have complicated navigation, multi-level menu and lots of text. All the information that the user can find there is on one page. The only thing that the user has to do is to scroll down the page.
Of course, single page websites don’t suite any business. This type of websites is not suitable for e-commerce projects and blogs. On the other hand, single page websites allow you to control the way the user absorbs the information. Having everything in one place, the user won’t need to jump from one page to another. Such websites are especially comfortable for mobile use. Here you can find examples of great single page websites.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a browser and a web server. The certificate ensures that all the data from your website will be encrypted and stored safely. When the website has SSL certificate, it has an “S” added to “http://” in the address bar and a green padlock next to it.

When your site has an SSL certificate, it means that the users can leave sensible information without any risk and complete any transactions there. More to this, once you have an SSL certificate on your website, it means that your site is more secure and it is ranked higher by Google for the keywords than http:// websites.

Backend as a service

Backend as a service (BaaS) has been a real trend in 2017, and it will continue its growth during 2018.

BaaS is a way of providing web app and mobile app developers with a way to link an app’s backend to server-side storage. The main communication with the service in through software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable every applications’ smooth interaction with databases and services that are needed for work.

BaaS also provides such necessary tools as user management, push notifications, file storage, networking and chats, social media networks integration and the others.

To learn more about Backend as a service, we propose you to take a look at the article A New Approach to the Backend as a Service Market.

Lazy loading

Have you ever left the page with an interesting article just because the pictures were loading too slow? Luckily, the developers have come up with the solution to this problem - lazy loading.

The main goal of lazy loading is to ensure that slow picture loading won’t affect the bounce rate and decrease the number of potential clients.

Lazy loading means that not all the images are loaded once the user goes to the website, but they are loaded gradually while the user scrolls down the article.

At first sight, it may look not so important, but lazy loading helps to reduce the bounce rate and increase the site conversion.

Of course, these are only a few trends among dozens of others that appear every day. We’ve just listed the most interesting ones from our point of view. However, we’d like to know your opinion on this. What trends do you think will be the hottest ones in 2018?

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